We at Keizen are always looking for small interesting project from which we can develop software applications using the latest technologies.


We will develop these applications free of charge, but to do so, we have to apply some rules. These rules are simply there to make it all workable. We do not want to develop a whole suite of business applications which can only be used by a small number people to the detriment of smaller applications which are better suited to a wider range of people.


There rules are simple:

  • The application must be completely legal

    This means No copying existing commercial software, No reverse engineering, Nothing that will land us in court.
    Our decision is final on what projects we decide to work on.

  • It will be developed to work with Microsoft Windows (XP/Vista/2000)

    This is the primary Operating System used by the general public, and as such gives us the largest customer base.
    We cannot work on other operating systems, as we do not have the expertise in those areas.

  • We choose the development language

    The purpose of these projects is to give our development team the spark to develop new software using the latest technologies. The customer will only get a working application, so the language we use is irrelevant to them.

  • The project should take no longer than one month of development time

    Our development time is precious and as we are offering our services for free we have to set a time limit on how long we can work on projects. By setting this time limit, we ensure no-one is kept waiting longer than necessary and we can produce smaller cleaner applications.

    We may think a project deserves more time. We will decide this on a project by project basis.

  • We will keep the source code and Copyright

    We are not in the market of creating free software that other people can replicate and enhance for a fee. We will therefore have full intellectual rights over any software application we develop as part of these projects.

  • It is not to be resold by anyone (definition of free is FREE to all)

    The primary purpose of these projects is to supply free software to the general public.
    These software applications are not to be resold by anyone for any reason.


If you are happy with these rules and have a suggestion for our list of projects, then please let us know. You can contact us by email. Please send an email detailing your suggestion in the first instance and we will respond shortly afterwards.

We will list the projects on this website, so check back frequently to see if there is anything that may spark an idea.

Please click here to send an email...


Free Development

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