Keizen Limited is a long establish computer consultancy which specialises in offering high quaility software solutions to clients small and large. We pride ourselves in our professional approach to any task regardless of how simple or complex it may appear.


We have taken some time out to start developing small useful applications that can be used by anyone with a personal computer. 

We start our range of products with a small Credit Card checker. You know how hard it is at time to keep track of those payments, and sometimes it appears the balance never seems to reduce regardless of how much you pay. Well, using our software you can see exactly how your payment is split into reducing your outstanding balance and how much the financial institution takes as an interest payment.

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We at Keizen are always on the look out for new ideas for new applications that may assist the general public in any way possible. If you have an idea of what people may like, or continually come across scenarios where you think "It would be so much easier if we had a small computer program to do this for us", then please let us know. We will not charge for the development of the product, but we must be able to give it out free to the general public so your idea may help others.

If you are interested in working with us, please send us an email with an outline of the idea and we will contact you if we believe we are able to help.

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With the introduction of our Freeware software range, we also have introduced a support forum so you are always able to ask questions and hopefully get all of the answers.

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